Why Takacat?

Takacat is an innovative company based in Auckland, NZ. 


Since 2007, Takacat has been developing an exciting range of catamaran inflatable boats available not only in NZ but also to the international market.  These boats offer outstanding safety, stability and speed with ease of uses being a key attribute.


Led by the founder Greg Sowden, Takacat is focused on providing quality and outstanding customer support to guide you through your purchase. 


Gregs leading edge design comes from a lifetime spend on and around the water. Whenever possible he enjoys fishing, diving, exploring with family.  These activities have led to the modern range of inflatables available today - high performance, durable and affordable. 


Unlike Any Other Watercraft

The LX series offers boaties around the world a versatile, portable and compact inflatable unlike any other watercraft available on the market.  The removable Tube Transom ® is unique to the Takacat.  The removable fishing rod holders and speed release wheels are an added benefit for ease of use.  All this in 2 easy compact storage bags making the boat an ideal option for those who are after a lightweight compact and easily transportable option as a tender option or for the car or RV.


5 Different Models

With 5 different models (2.4m – 4.2m long), there is an option for everyone.  Whether its fishing, research exploration, flood relief or just having family fun the solid 3 ply PVC and Hypalon options offer great durability and stability for passengers and cargo. 


Being the ultimate inflatable portable tenders that can be rolled up into 2 transportable bags due to the innovative Tube Transom ® system, the Takacat design makes them versatile and lightweight therefore one of the easiest boats on the market to transport and store.


Shallow Draft

Takacat with its shallow draft also lets you access hard to reach areas.  Being able to be rowed or powered by an outboard you have options with regards to propulsion.  The weight of the boat means that less output is required to power the boat and for areas where electric motor use is required these inflatable catamarans are perfect.  The boat has a very shallow draft which means it wont sit too low in the water allowing the boat to skim over the water without dragging on the ground – enabling you to reach remote areas not accessible by other craft.

If you are after a high performance, versatile and lightweight inflatable catamaran which is also cost effective, look no further. If you would like to know more, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today via email:  sales@takacatasia.com