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Takacat Kayak

Takacats twin hulled inflatable kayaks is the perfect toy for the holiday home or caravan.  Designed to be stowed away and portable without being heavy and cumbersome to handle - just like our Takacat Inflatable boats.

The advantages of a catamaran are a super stable position in the water, a ride like on two rails.  Getting in and out of the kayak via the open bow is effortless even out of the water back into the kayak is just a step on, and there's plenty of space for dogs as well as luggage or children travelling with you.

Each hull features heavy duty 29cm PVC tubes with protective strips on the underside that run the length of each tube which offers great durability over other portable kayaks on the market.


Specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions and weight measurements indicated have a tolerance of plus/minus 2% and 8% respectively. Built to International Standard ISO/6185


Every Takacat Kayak comes with:
✓ 2 x Paddles (1 for single kayak)
✓ 2 Kayak Seats (1 for single kayak)
✓ Carry Bag
✓ Hand Air Pump

✓ Storage Bag

✓ Repair Kit

Generous continuous load area

So the Takacat Double Kayak offers plenty of loading space for 2 people with luggage, parent with a child  or for one/two people with one or more dogs.


29cm tubes with protective strips on the undersides

The two tubes with their 29cm diameter are well proportioned for a maximum load of 260Kg and are powerfully supported by the large-surface high-pressure floor. The lower connecting floor between the two tubes additionally protects the inner high-pressure floor in case of ground contact and during landing.

10PSI "Drop-Stitch" high pressure floor

The 8cm thick high-pressure floor can be inflated with an operating pressure of up to 10PSI = 689mbar thanks to its drop-stitch technology. This creates a stable loading platform and shields the entire seating and loading area from the water surface.

3 air chambers + safety overpressure valves

Each tube is equipped with a Halkey-Roberts valve at the stern and an overpressure safety valve at the bow. Accidental over-pumping of the tubes is therefore impossible and harmful pressure increases due to strong sunlight are also avoided. The Takayak-395 has a total of 3 independent large-volume air chambers.

One-seam design + 5-layer PVC fabric skin

One-seam design means that each tube is made from a single piece of skin. The tubes have only one longitudinal seam on the outside, which is additionally covered with a resistant 1mm thick protective strip and thus doubly secured. At the bow and stern, the so-called bumpers (end pieces) are then glued in, also double-secured. The One-Seam design reduces the number of seams and seam intersections by over 50% compared to half-shell production and thus significantly reduces the possibility of possible leaks in the seam areas. The 5-ply fabric-reinforced PVC skin with 0.9mm thickness and 1000 dtex meets the standard of quality inflatable boats. Optionally, the Takayak-395 can also be manufactured in 1mm Hypalon/CSM.

Open bow and stern

The open bow and stern create a forced bilge. Water that penetrates the kayak, e.g. due to an overflowing wave or heavy rain, immediately escapes again; no bilge valve can realise such a bilge capability. Another advantage is that it is easy to return out of the water. No time-consuming safety and re-entry training is necessary.


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