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Built for Takacat by Stingray Marine (SA), the Takacat "EXPLORER" and "PREDATOR" Rigid Inflatable Boats are a patented stepped-tunnel design catamaran incorporating thirty years of catamaran technology. 

At low speeds, the tunnel creates an air-cushion effect enabling the craft to rise quickly out of the water and to plane with ease. The twin hull construction increases stability and creates a more comfortable ride in choppy conditions.

A fast, stable and reliable craft, the "EXPLORER" and "PREDATOR" may be used as ski or fishing boats, pleasure craft, diving and resort vessels or any work applications requiring exceptional stability and maneuverability.


Takacat 750 Predator

7.5m Predator

Takacat 640 Predator

6.4m Predator


All Takacat RIBs are made from Hypalon ORCA® * fabric and has a warranty for 5 years.


The Hull and decking in the Takacat RIB range are made of hand laid up Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) with all gel coat finish. 


The Takacat "EXPLORER" 4.4m and 4.9m each have a five compartment configuration, being one bow, two port and two starboard compartments.

The Takacat "PREDATOR" 5.1m, 5.4m and 6.3m has a six compartment configuration being two bow, two port and two starboard compartments.

The Takacat "PREDATOR" 7.5m has a 10 compartment configuration being two bow, four port and four starboard compartments.


The Takacat RIBs have a custom transom, constructed from glass reinforced polyester encased laminated ply.

* ORCA® is a Pennel & Flipo SA registered trade mark.

Takacat 440 Predator

4.4m Explorer


You will appreciate the space offered with the Catamaran Hull Configuration and the efficiency offered especially with today fuel prices.


For a trailerable RIB the Predator Hull Design is unique in that the RIB banks and drives like a mono-hull RIB but gives the width and stability of a catamaran. When turning to port the boat heels inwards to port thereby reducing centripetal forces. Other catamarans tend to heel outwards when turning giving a disconcerting feeling and introducing lateral shearing loads on any cargo and the attachment points.


The Predator has twin symmetrical bows designed to prevent broaching in a following sea. It also allows the boat to punch waves without putting unbalanced loads on the helm. The tunnel is notched just behind the bow to create a small partial pressure reduction in the bow area and this aids in preventing spitting water out of the tunnel when punching waves. Any airborne water is constantly being drawn back into the tunnel leading to a dry and pleasant ride for passengers.


The symmetrical bows mated to the asymmetrical tunnel gives a smooth changeover from the bow area neutrality to a more aggressive manner of water management. The sharp edges on the step edges lead to the production of aerated water on the vertical running surfaces thereby reducing friction loads. The flat vertical surfaces give a strength advantage over curved tunnels as they aid in longitudinal stiffness.


The rounded corners situated at the junction of the vertical running and horizontal running surfaces divert the water and minimise slowing and energy absorption and convert it from a vertical flow into a horizontal flow thereby mixing the water and air as well as disrupting slamming forces. The water is deflected around the corner and forced into the vertical water rising in the tunnel, this prevents energy from rising vertically into the hull structure. This leads to a smoother and softer ride.


The horizontal surfaces give additional vertical lift to the vessel allowing the vessel to become fully on the plane as opposed to mono-hulls and round tunnel catamarans that run in the sea as opposed to on the sea. The Predator hull design planes faster with lower hp.


Our Deck Layouts can be configured to your requirements and  can be finished in a range of colours and fitted with a wide range of accessories.


Each Takacat "EXPLORER" & "PREDATOR" conforms to CE Directive 2013/53EU and is built to pass stringent quality control tests, using innovative materials and advanced construction technology.  Prices are based on Hull & Deck with standard singular console.  Prices do not include Shipping or Taxes. Shipping ex Cape Town, SA




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