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Our energy for boating and cutting edge design comes from a lifetime spent in and around the water.  We invite you to experience the most innovative and modern range of inflatable catamaran sport boats currently on the market.  Lightweight, ultra portable, stable and cost effective.  




LX, Sport & LX-R PVC & TPU thermo-welded tube seams!!


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At Takacat, we have been providing innovative and high-quality catamaran inflatable boats for over 15 years. Our boats are designed and developed in New Zealand and are perfect for fishing, exploring, or as a portable tender for your yacht or motorhome.


Our boats are known for their stability, versatility, and lightweight design, making them a fun option on any water. We are committed to remaining a market leader by constantly researching new ways to improve our boats based on our own use and customer feedback.


Our inflatables can be easily transported and stored with our innovative fully removable tube transom® system. All our boats are built to CE and International Standard ISO/6185. Check out our full range and features today!

**LX, Sport & LX-R Series all come with a 5 year warranty on PVC & TPU thermo-welded tube seams!!


Are you looking for an inflatable catamaran boat that is innovative, modern, and high-performing? Our Takacat inflatables are the perfect choice for you! Our boats are designed to be versatile, portable, cost-effective, and capable of handling various conditions. With a lifetime of experience in and around inflatable boats, we invite you to join us for your next open water adventure.


Heath Ragg,

I purchased a Takacat 260LX from James and the team at PRMS as a tender for my B.Oceanis 34 yacht. I have been really impressed with the sales communication and ongoing assistance.

I used the tender extensively over summer, and it's been fantastic but I did run in to a problem. James and the team were fantastic and lived up to the support promise of providing full assistance and after sales help.

I could not be happier, as everyone is usually helpful when selling you something, but exceptional after sales support is hard to find! GOLD!!!


Leeann Evans,

Sensational service today when my Husband went to purchase his Takacat 300LX, we had met James at the Adelaide caravan show, from that moment we had our hearts set on getting this great little boat. We are full time travels, travelling Australia in our Titanium Caravan and wanted a boat that was simple yet safe. This one ticks all the boxes and with the added great service it was a no brainer.
Cannot thank James at Port River Marine enough … his service and attention to detail was exceptional.
We will be promoting this product & business wherever we travel.


Charlotte Kacic,

I purchased a Takacat paddle board from James at the recent Caravan and Camping Show and he was beyond helpful. I love my new paddle board and recommend James and the Port River Marine team to all of my family and friends

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