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Ultra Light "L" Series
The Ultra Light Portable Tender

The Takacat L Series are designed as the ultra lightweight open bow portable tender.  The L Series like the Go Series are lightweight and super stable and weigh just 20 or 24kgs depending on which model you are after.  These are very easy to stow inflated on top of a cabin, transom or foredeck.  They fold down easily into one small portable bag and can be stowed below deck if need be.  The L Series are idea for yachts, launches, trailer boat, motorhome or caravans.

The L Series Takacats feature an open bow and closed transom.  The tubes are made from 1000 denier 0.9mm pvc and feature two chambers with pressure relief valves to avoid any over inflation.  All L Series feature welded seams and are designed to be used with short shafted (15") outboard engines.

L Series_edited.jpg

Ultra Light Series Specifications

Full Dimensions of Ultra Light Series

Ultra Light Series Dimensions.jpg

Standard Features:

  • Takacats original on / off bow design for safety and convenience.

  • Aerodynamic tapered bow design to get over the top of rough and choppy waters providing a dry ride.

  • High pressure removable air deck floor system. 

  • Single seam design joint by chemical bonding gluing system ideal for foldable inflatables.

  • Shallow Draft: A huge advantage when crossing shallow water and also provides the ability to get further up the beach or ramp before the hull of the boat grounds.

  • Heavy-duty under-tube protection.

  • 2 x air pressure release valves.

  • External oar rowlocks and velcro straps.

  • Inflatable seat.

  • External safety lines


  • Tube construction: Tough 0.9mm, 1000 denier custom made PVC, inflate to 3psi. 

  • Anti-UV grade tested to 4-5 out of 5. International Standards ISO 4892-3:2006

  • Air deck floor made from reinforced drop stitch to provide a high- tensile rigid core. Inflate to 8psi. Custom made protective anti-skid with additional anti-UV additive, high-pressure laminated heat pressed to top layer for the best durability and rigidity. Second-layer side rail tape making 1.8mm walls and additional air tightness.

  • Most inflatable boats require the transom, floor, air decks / drop stitch, fittings and fixtures to be glued onto the tubes. So when it comes to the seams we have chosen to use our tried and tested gluing system that we also use through out the rest of the boat. This is ideal for roll-up / portable boats where welded seams can become brittle over time and prone to splitting. 

  • Built to International Standard ISO/6185

Packed Down Bag Dimensions: 1.0m x 0.60m x 0.40m (L/W/H)

Included Accessories 

When you purchase a Takacat Ultra Lite Series inflatable boat, it comes with the following accessories:

inflatable boat roll seat.JPG


Studio-Session-014 (1).jpg

Manual Pump


Set of Oars

Repair Kit.png

Repair Kit  
(incl Patch, Valve Tool - no glue)

Studio-Session-117 (1).jpg

Storage Bag

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