Takacat SUP - T335-iSUP

Takacat-iSUP-960w (1).webp

If your looking for an extra bit of fun on the water, look no further than our inflatable SUP.  With its extraordinary stability, the Takacat SUP is an ideal board for beginners right through to advanced users.  Built with superior quality using the same technology as our Takacat inflatable boats, the SUP is built with non-slip fabric (PVC) as opposed to other manufacturers EVA foam products.  This non-slip resistant PVC is also used on the sides for extra protection.

The Takacat uses a thicker base material than other SUP manufacturers which means better rigidity.  Super easy to install as it only as a pressure of 10-12 psi, you will be on the water in no time.


Innovative Seat

The iSUP comes with an innovative flat seat for those who prefer to sit rather than stand.  A high pressure airbag seat with handles provides comfort when in the sitting position.

SUP Dimensions and weight: 335 x 80 x 15cm (Length / Width / Height) - 10kg - max. 12PSI

Specifications apply to PVC versions and are subject to change without notice. All dimensions and weight measurements have a tolerance of plus/minus 2-8%.